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Bromley Park Metropolitan
District No. 3

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Title Companies

Bromley Park Metropolitan District No. 3 does not directly impose any fees on property within its boundaries.  However, property within the District is generally subject to certain storm drainage maintenance fees imposed by South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District. For balances and account transfer fees, please submit all status requests by email to:, prior to any closings or property transfers.  For urgent requests only, please call our billing department at (303) 265-7949 during normal business hours.

Additional information is available on the South Beebe Metropolitan District Webpage here

Current Board of Directors

Robert A. Lembke - Term Expires May 2027

James A. Korpal - Term Expires May 2025

Joshua Shipman - Term Expires May 2027

Patrick Crumpton - Term Expires May 2025

Ronald E. von Lembke - Term Expires May 2025

If you need to contact the District or a member of the Board of Directors, please send an email to or call (720) 279-4242.

Notice of Metropolitan District Homeowners' Rights Task Force

On May 24, 2023, HB23-1105 was signed into law creating a Metropolitan District Homeowners' Rights Task Force under the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Members of the task force are to be designated or appointed on or before November 1, 2023. The task force will examine issues confronting communities that are governed by the board of a metropolitan district and will prepare a final report of its findings by June 15, 2024. If you would like more information or have questions about the task force, please contact DORA directly by phone on (303) 894-7855 or by email at, or visit the DORA website here. (Link will take you off this website.)

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